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crack pairing: Beast Boy/Lightning

Hi there, the names Cherie. This is rather my first time taking a crack at Teen Titan fan fiction really. Figures my first drabble for it would be of a crack pairing of Beast Boy and Lightning.

Yeah, I know Lightning's a pretty obscure character. But I like him. The pairing itself started off as a joke, but a friend of mine insisted I write for it, and here we are. In any case, I hope my drabble is enjoyable. Also, as stated by the rules, I want to say I do not mind my work being put on a slash site.

title/ prompt: Fall
Fandom: Teen Titans (cartoon)
Pairing: Lightning/Beast Boy
Rating: PG13 ( mainly for one swear word.)
Disclaimer: teen titans belongs to DC comics, not me.
Summery: A walk on a Fall night leads to interesting things

It had been a struggle, But Beast Boy had managed to convince Lightning to ditch the armor for a while and wear something more civilian like for the day. Of course, that meant Beast Boy would have to wear something normal too. That didn’t bother him though. It was nice to wear something different once in awhile.
It was ironic that Beast Boy ended up wearing a green sweater and Lightning a orange one. Color code habits die hard. It was also rather funny that Beast Boy found himself wearing a purple scarf. Lightning refused to wear a scarf, saying the garment was for those who can not stand a little cold.
The fact that Lightning was shivering was almost satisfying. However a sense of guilt quickly kicked in. Beast Boy wasn’t one to let someone suffer. Even if the person suffering was a jerk who was too stupid and stubborn to wear a scarf.
“Cold?” Beast Boy asked.
“No, I’m fine.” Lightning replied.
“Your teeth are chattering.” Beast Boy said in observation.
“Their not.” Lightning said.
Beast Boy sighed and removed his own scarf before holding it out to Lightning and offering it to him.
“Here.” Beast Boy said.
Lightning looked surprised at the offered scarf. For a moment he looked tempted to take it. He then glanced at Beast Boy.
“Don’t you need this?” Lightning asked.
Beast Boy shrugged.
“I’ll be fine. Now take it.” Beast Boy said.
The yellow skinned teen looked at the scarf a few moments more before shaking his head.
“No. I will not take it.” Lightning said.
Beast Boy let out a long sigh of annoyance.
“Look dude, just take the damn scarf!” Beast Boy said.
The tone in which Beast Boy took did not help the situation. It only served to anger Lightning. He crossed his arms and glared.
“Do not tell me what to do, green one.” Lightning snarled.
“I’m trying to be nice. And stop calling me green one. It’s annoying.” Beast Boy snarled back.
“ Too bad, green one.” Lightning said, saying the words “Green one” tersely.
The nice walk in the park was turning into chaos. Thankfully it was dusk and people had started back home by now. So no one was around to see Beast Boy suddenly tackle Lightning to the ground. While Lightning could have easily zapped Beast Boy and ended the fight, for some reason he decided not to.
For awhile the two tussled, angry cries coming from both boys. Finally both paused, out of breath. They panted as they faced each other. They locked eyes for a moment. Suddenly Lightning darted his head forward, kissing Beast Boy on the lips.
Beast Boy was only mildly surprised by this action, somehow knowing this might happen the moment they locked eyes. He leaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Lightning’s scrawny frame. For a couple of minutes they stayed this way. Finally Beast Boy pulled away.
“About time. Geez, do I have to get you mad every time I want a kiss?” Beast Boy asked.
Lightning just smirked.
Tags: beast boy, beast boy/lightning, fic, lightning, slash
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*chuckles* Cute crack fic! I really like how you kept up Lightning's stubbornness.
Lightning certainly is a stubborn guy. Not that easy to write for, but I managed it well it seems.

Thanks. Glad you liked.