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30 Kisses Challenge: Send Me Flowers

Title: Send Me Flowers
Themes: # 11 Gardenias; #30 Kiss
Pairing: Robin/Red X
Rating: T

11. gardenia

 The knock on the door was surprising. That last time he checked, Red hadn't been expecting everyone. But it might be Robin, so he pushed himself off of the couch and made his way through the house. He unlocked the door and swung it open, raising an eyebrow at the man standing outside. He wasn't too remarkable, dressed in black slacks and a collared white shirt with a little green logo on the left side, 'Rosa's'. But when Red saw the bouqet in his arms, he immediately knew who sent the guy. Only Robin would actually be so corny as to send him a bouqet of flowers in the middle of the afternoon for absolutely no reason at all. It was unbelievably cute.

 "Mr. Jenkins?" the man questioned. Red nodded and the man smiled, holding out the bouqet. He reached out to take it, cradling them like a child and fishing the card from between the petals.

 'I love you and I know you love these.

 Red brings the petals of the flowers to his lips gently, grinning widely, remembering when they'd spoken of flowers and what he'd told Robin about gardenias.

 Later when Robin knocks on his door, Red opens it and says, "Robin. You dork. I hate gardenias."

30. kiss

Good-bye's were never Red's forte. He hates good-byes. Sure, good-bye kisses are always the best, because you're trying to capture the feeling in them and keep it until next time, but... Red hates good-byes he can't decide if he should kiss Robin or if he should hit him for leaving in the first place. Robin pulls away from the kiss and reaches up to brush away Red's tears. The thief pushes his hands away, "Do you have to go?"

Robin winces and moves his hand to rest it against Red's cheek, stroking gently. "It'll only be for a few weeks," he assures Red quietly. He hates seeing Red in pain.

Red nods and bites his lip, trying to come up with yet another reason why Robin shouldn't go to Gotham. "I know... But Gotham's such a dangerous place! You could get seriously hurt!" Aw, damn.

Robin smiles softly and Red knows how bad of angle that was, but he's running out of ideas. "How about if I promise to send you something every day that I'm gone? And I'll call you every night, too. Promise."

Red nods sadly and Robin gives him one last kiss, before he leaves.

The next day, a guy showed up with single gardenia and Red laughed. That night the phone rang and Red answered it with, "Robin, I hate gardenias."

A chuckle came from the other end, "Yeah, I know. But I figure it's sort of like our official flower as a couple. Maybe if I send it to you enough, you'll start liking it?"

"Or maybe the sight of gardenias will start making me want to retch?" Red offered.

There was a pause and then, "I'm flexible."

By the time Robin gets back, Red has 27 gardenias; his favorite flower.

So what did ya think? Comments please!

Tags: fic, red x, red x/robin, robin, slash
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