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...all went down to Hell

Title: ...all went down to Hell
Fandom: Teen Titans
Characters: Slade, Robin, Wintergreen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 496
Disclaimer: Do I look like I own it?
Author's Notes/Warnings: Okay, I was nipped by a bunny and had to write. I finished this in about 15 minutes. It's set during the Apprentice arc. Wintergreen (or someone like him) is only shown in, like, one episode of the entire series. In this story, Wintergreen was around during the Apprentice arc. I feel this turned out considerably well, being my first time even having Slade as a character. I've never really liked Slade. I don't harbour any burning hatred for him or even really dislike him, but he's far from one of my favorite characters personally. The title is a quote taken from Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn. Also, it's not exactly slash, but... whatevs.






...all went down to Hell.




  It's a almost like being domestic. But domesticity wouldn't involve this much blood, Robin's sure. Absolutely. Positively.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. He's not planning on staying here for much longer.

Slade likes to remind him that it's hopeless with little mini-speeches every other day; likes to remind him that his friend's lives are on the line. He's a talker. He enjoys gloating. Really into the whole 'resistance is futile' thing. Robin lets him talk, if only to have a few more minutes of rest while sparring.

Slade's schedule is airtight. First thing in the morning is a shower, then a healthy breakfast, after they train/spar for hours and times vary depending on the lesson or how quick Robin picks up a technique, lunch/dinner immediately after, an hour or two "personal time" in which Robin is finally allowed to be alone, and then he gets sent off on some mission or another, he'll get back and if he's done well he's permitted to drop dead in his bed immediately, if not there's "debriefs" and Robin has to deduce anything he could've done differently and re-do the entire scenario until it's satisfactory to Slade and then he can drop dead in bed until 6 AM the next morning when it all starts over again.

Robin's needs aren't being neglected. He's kept clothed, fed, clean, he has a bed to sleep in. He even has basic human companionship. Slade may not be his ideal choice, but he doesn't really mind the butler. (He doesn't know his name, but he's started calling him Non-Alfred in his head.) He's provided for and cared for. Sure, there are a few bumps and bruises, but it could be worse. He can work with this.

Robin bites into his apple and focuses on not looking at Slade. He can feel Slade's eye on him. His body tries to compensate, wants to be poised for an attack, but he forces himself to stay relaxed and eat. Slade won't try anything with Non-Alfred just in the next room. It seems the villian does in deed have shame. If it weren't for Non-Alfred... Robin forces the shiver back. He doesn't want to even consider it. Even Slade has to have a few morals, right?

So it's not the best of situations and it's definitely not the worst. He's taking it one day at a time. He ignores the silky persuasive voice and too-intense looks and the little every-now-and-then touches that make his skin crawl and the way every pin feels possessive. He can pretend he doesn't notice or care, he's good at pretending. After all, he needs Slade to trust him at least marginally if he's going to find a way out of this mess. Or, at least, make him believe that Robin's given up and doesn't have any plans at all, just to make Slade that much less suspicious. But even though he's telling himself this...

It doesn't really matter. He's not planning on staying here much longer, anyway.

So? How'd I do?





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