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Well done to everyone who posted!

Here are my last two!

Prompt: 38. Robin/Red X - Red joins the Titans, but only so Robin will keep fucking him (or so he says)
Rating: PG

I can't be bothered. They kiss. It's hot. Write your own fucking fic.



So as it happens, despite the extended deadline, life has just been kicking my ass, I have two WIPS, which may, at some point, get finished, but honestly, I'm more worried about starting Uni )= To show you I'm not lying to y'all, here are a couple of teasers:

Prompt: 38

An ugly look crossed Cyborg’s face, and his voice came out quietly, menacingly, “Trust you, like we did when you made that goddamn suit? When you lied to us? When you told us absolutely nothing about your plans? Trust you, when you’re just doing it all over again? You’ve been trying so hard to get in with them, maybe we shoulda figured you out earlier. You don’t care about us, just the latest bad guy you want to fuck!” The last came out as a yell, echoing around the room.

Oooooh, tension, amirite? Why's Cyborg so pissed? How will Robin deal with his sex life being thrown in his face? Will Robin and Red ever get back to their nighttime shenanigans?!?! STAY TUNED!

Prompt: 41

“Nightwing, Sumptuous Lover here, come in,” crackled the communicator at his hip, “Target spotted, I repeat, target spotted.”

“Where?” Nightwing scanned the streets beneath him, knowing one of Slade’s favoured tricks was to go out in civilian clothes and blend in with the crowd.

“Our favourite mercenary is sitting out front of the Espresso Pump, looking very chic in a pair of black jeans and green t-shirt. Third table over, we’re likely to cause a panic if we go after him now, so I suggest we wait until he leaves.”

Is Slade going to use biscotti in a lewd manner? Is Red X as sumptuous as he claims? Will Slade and Red double team Nightwing and have their wicked ways with him? What's the point in asking when we know the Magic 8 Ball says yes?

So that's it! I figure we don't need a round up post (if you want one, do tell!), but thanks to everyone who posted! Y'all did a great job!

PS - Send good vibes to atromiti, who had prior commitments in the form of GOING TO FUCKING STANFORD. Today, in fact.

♥ ♥ ♥
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