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v. 2.0; terra's butterfly

because slash isn't just for the boys
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First slash community for the Teen Titans cartoon series! A place for all of us to unite instead of being scattered all over the internet. Free for all to join :D

1. Be nice. Please refrain from any fighting, bashing, or flaming.
2. No major het shipping. Sure, TerraxBeast Boy are lovely together, and they're fine as a side couple in a fic or fanart, but please, do not submit any stories featuring them. All the same, don't expect to find such a fic here.
3. CORRECT GRAMMAR. No one wants to see an entry full of "omg u r soO kewl"
4. Please stick to the Teen Titans animated series and NOT the comics!
5. Only Teen Titans related postings! Please do not include anything of the Batman, Green Arrow, etc, universes UNLESS they are necessary for a creative work (ie: You discuss Speedy's training with Green Arrow before he comes to meet the Titans) Please refrain from any "Off-Topic" posts as well.
6. To ensure an artist's/author's privacy, for every piece of creative work you must state whether or not you mind it being archived on the Slash Site.
7. Off-topic posts will be deleted. No warnings.
8. Anything over ten lines long must be behind an lj-cut. Entries which do not comply with this rule will be deleted, after the poster is contacted and informed of hir error.
9. Have fun!

1. A very polite and nice comment suggesting what was done wrong, as I do hate to be mean. I'd rather this community work as a one big happy family, than me having to act as the angry moderator and tell everyone what to do.
2. A warning, though still polite.
3. Banning. That's right. If you can't follow the rules after two tries, then you're out. I'm not going to give you a threatening warning, or make your life miserable for you while you're still in the community, but as soon as the rules are violated for a third time, you're out with no chance of getting me to change my mind.

katarik (Mod)
flick_chan (Co-Mod)

Clone Love is the best kind

Sadistic!Relationships are love

Reflexive!love is the best kind

Best Friends are love

Robin x Beast Boy is love

Rivals are love

Cyborg x Beast Boy is love